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This soprano saxophone from the Kessels Factory was called, “Sirena”. It was intended to be the more sophisticated model meant for soloists.
Brass, Nickel plated
Notes on this instrument

During the research for my book about the classical saxophone in the Netherlands (2013), I looked for instruments that were built in the Netherlands.

Enclosed is the chapter of my book about saxophone manufacturers in the Netherlands (Dutch).

Click on the cover to access the chapter.

Cover of the book Classical saxophone in the Netherlands

thesaxophonistmag (USA) published this text online in English, click on the cover to access the link:

Saxophone magazine coverSaxophone magazine cover










Kessels instruments are very dear to my heart. I grew up, and studied in Tilburg. Since 2006, I have been professor of saxophone at the Fontys Academy of Music and Performing Arts there.

In 2001, I founded the Kessels Saxofoon Kwartet, then consisting of the four saxophone teachers at the Tilburg music school. We were all very enthousiastic about saxophone history, and after some sessions on old high pitched instruments, we decided it would be great to be able to play four original Kessels saxophones. That way we would be able to revive an original and important piece of Tilburg heritage, and share it with everyone! What followed was nothing short of a very adventurous novel, but we found a quartet of Kessels saxophones! In 2006, I retired from the quartet, and I am very happy that this group is still in existence today, doing very well indeed!

Here are some of the first pictures of the Kessels Saxofoon Kwartet, from the early 2000’s:

Saxophone quartet smiling holding vintage saxophones


Saxophone quartet smiling holding vintage saxophones


The original line up was: Lauran van der Sanden; soprano, Andreas van Zoelen; alto, Marcel Hartendorp; tenor, Rob Marijnen; baritone. I loved playing with this ensemble, it was a fantastic group of friends! Incidentally, I got to play with my first saxophone teacher; Marcel Hartendorp, to whom I owe a great deal. Also, Lauran taught me many important things along the way, not only about the clarinet. We played a great many concerts together. Rob sadly passed away in 2015. I still miss him very much, and remember his warm character and wonderful playing very, very fondly.


photo of the The first Kessels Factory
The first Kessels Factory


photo of the The first Kessels Factory
The first Kessels Factory


photo of the Kessels saxophone pamphlet

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