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A special sub-collection of instruments produced in the Netherlands. This particular alto saxophone is very special to me: it was gifted to me by none other than Dulf Schenkelaars, son of the founder of the company.

Over the years, I have collected quite some original Adolphe Sax instruments. This baritone I purchased from a fabric dealer in Paris.

Have a look at some innovations on the saxophone and saxophone-inspired toys. 

Who made these instruments? There are some mysteries in my collection. For some I simply cannot remember where I bought them, others have no identifying marks. 

Though many old instruments are great even today, this Hanken tenor from around 1880 was never of great quality.

A photograph of a Kessels employee testing a saxophone.

Background stories

I’ve spent years researching various aspects of the saxophone and its history.

As I am based in Tilburg, NL, this is where I started: learn about the Kessels saxophones and the early introduction of the saxophone in the Netherlands. Over time, you can expect to find more of these stories on this site.

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