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Saxophone Pioneers: Eduard Lefèbre (1835-1911)

Eduard Abraham Lefèbre was an early saxophonist from the Hague, Netherlands. Lefèbre’s activities had a major influence on the global development of the saxophone. ‘The saxophone King’, as he was called, was incredibly popular because of his hitherto unknown instrument and his impressive technique. Who was he?  Table of Contents Early Life According to the birth […]

The Saxophone in the Netherlands: an Early History

A Dutch ad for a "Matinée Musicale", featuring a saxophone concerto.

When I assumed the role of Classical Saxophone Professor at the Fontys Conservatory in Tilburg, I started teaching lessons on “instrument knowledge.” These lessons encompassed various topics, including the construction and historical background of the saxophone. I thought a local history was a logical part to include, but my desire to delve into the history […]

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